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Hey everyone,

I made a program for windows that allows you to easily create a theme for winterboard. Here are some of the features:
  • Upload to device using SSH automatically
  • Preview any individual images used in the theme
  • Full preview (Icons\Wallpaper\Dock\Status Bar\Lock Screen\Page Overlays\Badge)
  • Easy support for battery and UIImages/UISounds
  • Edit springboard strings
  • Zip theme for easy upload
  • Scan directories for icons/batteries/UIImages/UISounds automatically
  • Load other themes to customize, preview, or upload
  • Easily manage themes on your iPhone/iTouch and computer
  • Create SBSettings themes
  • Extra downloadable package with default UIImages, UISounds, and SBSettings images to help you get started
The current version is:

And if you have any feedback/ideas please share them here or using the feedback part of the application itself.

I hope this will help some of you who don't have a lot of skill putting the themes together and getting them to your phone, that was my goal.

I've posted this on a few other website but would really like to get some input, so please let me know!


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