Compassion by FGshah


                                       download for belle phones

                                                     Download for s^3 and anna phones


  1. Need this for S^1 with all icons supports. Sometimes you misses out office, help & communications folders. So please take care of those. & I made a reqst to u, for Lumia S^1. Bt u didn't provide that too. This time please provide S^1. It looks like a great theme. It would be loveable to watch a LITE version of it with default icons. Loved your work bro. Thanks.


  2. so miss any icon then send me off folder off mising icon uid send me uid then i add in my carbide then fix first am not promiss i make this for s^1 but i will try to do this broo and thnx for liking my theme

  3. hi fgshah i like your themes veru much and iwant to make in in s^1 with all icon supports.